Bigtime dating site

She responds in kind and J_Goddard is so excited that he momentarily loses his cool, e-spluttering: “That was brilliant!

” This over-excitement continues, and it proves – romantically speaking – fatal for our seductive swiper.

We are calling him the Tinderman, an omnipresent figure who slinks through the internet, his slippery fingers touching the hearts and minds of those who fall under his spell. 3x3, protein style with animal fries, of course, and sometimes a shake! J: Other than food, which I buy way too often, the last thing I bought was a beanie from H&M because it was freezing outside, and I was too far from home to justify driving there and back. But, not matter where they are now, that doesn’t stop us from totally loving the TV boy band heartthrobs — more specifically: Logan Henderson.Seriously, how could we not love him with all of his boyish charm?Rumors have been circulating that the pair have been dating for some time now, especially after photos were snapped of them together in Vancouver where Big Time Rush was on location shooting Big Time Movie.


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