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His dating history is like a 100 pages book because he was dating many hotties before his marriage.With all of them a girl that he fall in love seriously is but he disappoint when this lady married to some one else.The artist's with a spectacular body height is 177cm or he is 5 feet and 1 inch tall.Although it is not much considered as the other models, apparently enough with that pretty face. There are rumors that he has his on personal trainer and goes to the gym so as to gain some weight.Ed has a big family which includes his parent and to old brothers.His mom Carole is educational psychologist and his father Peter Westwick is lecturer in university.Her character, Vanessa, who at first "had only Dan Humphrey as a friend," has become an integral part of the show, romancing Nate, scheming against Blair, and, yes, engaging in a controversy-baiting (if mostly off-camera) three-way."I think NYU is good for Vanessa," Jessica says, smiling.

Her thick, dark hair is pulled into a ponytail and she's wearing very little makeup.Serfaty captioned the photo by saying that it was , she was swoon.What we’re wondering is if this was just a flirty play on words, or meant to show that her and Westwick are just in the beginnings of their relationship.In other circumstantial proof of an impending romance, a Chuck/Blair on-and-off-the-screen romance would make logical sense as Leighton Meester continues to chase Blake Lively's fame.She had her off-screen romance with on-screen boyfriend Dan/Penn Badgley, now it's Blair/Leighton's turn, right? In addition, we can totally see an Ed Westwick attraction to a similarly-petite, good-looking brunette. Furthermore, of course, OF COURSE, Blair's off-screen personhood would be the one to swoop in on the misunderstood Vanessa's ex-boyfriend.We have also seen him in movies like Son of Rainbow, S.


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