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Let there be no confusion: this was deliberate terrorism. Based on the footage, in which the car flees the scene in reverse, it is difficult to believe the attack is accidental. Lee statue that white supremacists gathered to defend today; he is now running for Senate, and he may just win.

In general the evolutionary psychologists have been winning this debate.

As much as the world loves watching Disney princesses morph into everything from movie villains to Presidential candidates to sponges (yes), there's zero doubt that the fanfare surrounding the now 92-year-old House of Mouse is still fresh and fervent.

And now there's a dating site devoted entirely to connecting those whose love of all-things-Disney extends to the bedroom, too. 1), boasting itself as the only internet dating site that actually why you'd name your dogs Pluto, Lady and Pongo and wear matching mouse ears with your PJs and wants to help you find your Queen/King of Hearts.

Or is this app so out-there-crazy that it’s genius? every single day when he offers a bite of his chicken sandwich will be a relief to say the least.

Plus, having like-minded opinions and beliefs on eating habits will be a great conversation starter—a nice change from the generic small talk about the weather.


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