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We want to make a good career and we have many passions .

The two sides have gone back and forth, with Microsoft intercepting domains, and Fancy Bear turning around and registering new ones.

Microsoft gained subpoena power in August after Fancy Bear representatives didn’t show up for a court date.

Daily Beast reports that Microsoft’s effort against Fancy mirrors previous operations by Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit against criminal botnets.

Microsoft began its battle against Fancy Bear soon after a report from The New York Times about a “high confidence” assessment that the Russian government was involved in a theft of emails from the DNC.


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    During installation I made sure to NOT install the anti-virus (since I was using MSE). I will post an update here if the problem ever returns. I will post an update here if the problem ever returns. After the last failure (about a week ago), I had enough and uninstalled AVG. Wally H I got this message of General Error on my AVG Anti Virus 2011 as well.