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In a time of dwindling resources and increasing economic pressures, small size and isolation are disadvantages that are doubly felt by small programs within a small discipline.On the other hand, humanities education in the United States would be immeasurably diminished were classical languages and cultures no longer widely taught.Issues cards can be either stories, epics and tasks, with epics signifying a larger task area, while stories and tasks represent tasks within an epic.Issue cards can be moved along customizable, vertical swimlanes, which represent steps in a process, i.e.The first action of CTTS was to initiate CLSTECH (an electronic discussion list designed to foster communication and collaboration among smaller Classics programs through the use of technology); this grant proposal is the second action of the subcommittee.This is a large-scale and ambitious project, in keeping with the national scope and urgency of our mission.

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One of the things I love about Excellence in Literature, is how it is adaptable for children with learning challenges.For those of us that live in Minneapolis, Jay Peterson is best known as the unofficial purveyor of all things bookish.For over ten years he’s made his living reading books and booking author readings as the manager of the Uptown independent bookstore Magers and Quinn.Even if the assignments are shortened, it will still teach the student college-style study skills that will benefit them for a lifetime and expose them to quality literature.I recently had the chance to review Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks DVD & Full-Color Book (read my review HERE) from Marshall Publishing, and with it, they also inadvertently sent me this DVD on George Washington Carver- His Life and His Works.” The repeated “s” sound help the sharks seem scary and sinister. The book goes on to take the reader on a journey from fear to fascination to sympathy.


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