Updating an outdated home

Instead of flawlessly white interiors, 2017 will flaunt rooms accented with navy fabrics or moody blues.

Navy is the new face of modern design, and adds a bit of warmth and freshness to clinical rooms that formerly could pass as "contemporary." the past few years, but it is now officially time to stop overworking the color.

They make repairs a buyer may never notice or will not pay extra for.

Talk to your agent before making any repairs and please make sure your agent is experienced and qualified enough to provide cohesive answers on which you can rely. It had holes in the walls all the way to the exterior and urine-soaked wood floors; most of the electrical didn't work and the bathroom tub had fallen through the joists.

For example, a few years ago, a past client called to say her next-door neighbors needed to immediately sell their home. All the faucets leaked and, in one bedroom, I found a pile of dead rats swept into a pile in the center of the floor. Not even a coat of paint would have helped sell this place.

We priced it low enough that it attracted multiple offers and sold with zero days on market.

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Nothing upgrades an outdated room like a coat of paint, so freshen up your room with a straightforward paint job.

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Some home buyers want to buy a fixer upper home, but generally these buyers want a home that will require light cosmetic repairs.Buyers who gravitate toward fixers are those who either don't qualify to buy a more expensive home or those who want to make a profit by fixing the home themselves.I've yet to meet a novice first-time home buyer who says, "Give me a home I can tear down to the studs." Most fixer buyers are willing to do simple repairs such as paint the walls, put in new carpeting or replace light fixtures.New countertops or new appliances may be just the kind of bait you need to reel in a buyer.Check out comparable listings in your neighborhood and see what work you need to do to compete in the market. 2: The outside of my home isn’t as important as the inside.If this scenario feels familiar to you and you want to do something about it and are ready for a living room update, there are plenty of ways to give your outdated living room a budget-friendly quick fix or two.


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