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In the third season the main cast remained at fifteen, with Harry Shum, Jr.

and Darren Criss promoted to it, while Gilsig and O'Malley no longer received star billing.

Gloria Brickman (half-sister); Rogue (unofficial foster sister); Graydon Creed (maternal half-brother, deceased); Nils Styger (Abyss) (paternal half-brother); Kiwi Black (paternal half-brother); Talia Wagner (Nocturne) (alternate reality daughter); Salamander (Earth-1005) (alternate reality son); Unnamed half-siblings (deceased)Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach, Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, New York; formerly Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, X-Haven, Limbo (formerly Salem Center, Westchester County, New York); War Room X, Savage Land; Utopia, San Francisco Bay, California; Graymalkin Industries, Marin Highlands, San Francisco, California; Mutant Research Center, Muir Island; Braddock Manor, Maldon, England; Braddock Lighthouse, England; an island in the Bermuda Triangle; Winzeldorf, Germany Nightcrawler has only three digits (including an opposable thumb) on each hand.

He also has only 2 toes on each foot, each longer than an ordinary human's.

At the same time, Jacob Artist, Melissa Benoist, Blake Jenner, Alex Newell and Becca Tobin were promoted to the main cast and are credited as such for the season, though they appear only in the first thirteen of the twenty episodes, after which New Directions is disbanded and the series shifts to the glee club alumni in New York City for the remainder of the season.

The sixth and final season's main cast was reduced to nine: Colfer, Criss, Lynch, Mc Hale, Michele, Morrison and Overstreet continued from the previous season, Riley returned to the main cast, and Dot-Marie Jones as football coach Shannon Beiste was promoted to it.

His spine is more flexible than an ordinary human being's, allowing him to spend much of his time in a semi-crouching position without damaging his posture and enabling him to perform contortionist-like feats.

His body is almost entirely covered with a fine blue-colored fur.

One of the first women to be linked with Puth was Pitch Perfect 2 star, Hailee Steinfeld.However, Steinfeld cleared up the matter in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in December 2015 saying “He’s a good friend. It was practically a make out session that left everybody gaping and rubbing their eyes in disbelief. Another star who has been linked to Puth is singer and actress, Selena Gomez.The two singers hit social media immediately to shut down any rumors about them being an item. She starred in Puth’s song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and has been seen with Puth on many occasions.The shutterbugs went crazy and had everyone thinking that the two were inseparable.However, Puth doused all rumors with cold water by speaking to the media saying, “I never dated Meghan Trainor, and I‘m not dating Selena Gomez.Though Charlie Puth is usually busy making music, he still finds time to further his love life.


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