Wilkesboro hot girls

When it was time for Pat to enter the workforce and bring home a portion of the couple’s living, she went to work in a machine shop for 23 years and to this day speaks of all the interesting and fascinating people she met there.

She also worked on a road crew for seven years, all the while cultivating an abiding love for cars and racing.

But not just any drag strip; it was the one she amazingly fell in love with in 1971—while on her honeymoon!

Nestled on the outskirts of a mountainous region of North Carolina, it was a small, country track built in 1955 near the town of North Wilkesboro.

The set pulled from their full repertoire of songs about loving and loosing, especially “Lonesome As It Gets,” “No More To Leave You Behind” and a new one, “You Can’t Handle the Truth.” However, the highlight of the set wasn’t musical.

Dobro player Andy Hall asked his girlfriend Janice to marry him onstage.

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Pat was never a frilly girl who fancied pearls and lace, you understand, she liked cars. Her husband, Warren, custom built a variety of Camaros for her over the years.

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